Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Welcome to STFU Fertiles.
This is a place for as interfiles to come and vent about the dumb, insensitive or down-right mean things fertiles post on facebook, say/do to your face or comment on your blog.
Please email me if you'd like to be added as an author of the blog, this will be easier for all of us, that way, you can post as needed.   If you don't wish to be an author, and have something to contribute...email me your facebook print screen, cut and paste or story and I will post it.

**Disclaimer, any posts or comments with negativity at us infertiles will be deleted.  This is a place for us to vent.  We all know and love at least one wonderful, well deserving fertile.  We are not talking about you.  We are talking about the insensitive breeders who don't even to try to be kind to us.**


  1. I guess I could be considered a "fertile" now after all of these years and finally having my babies. I didn't have to endure all of the treatments just alot of trying my last time took me 3 years. I know I needed treatment but It just wasn't within our budget. After many miscarriages I know how many of you feel after a loss and let me tell you this.

    I may have gotten to the end product but it dosent make me hurt for you guys any less, it dosent make me not cry every time one of you gets hurt. It dosen't stop me from obsessively refreshing my google reader. It dosent make me not jump up and down when you guys get a BFP. I will tell you what it made me. More understanding and compasionate towards other peoples struggles. It made me take the time and wish with all of my heart that all of your dreams come true.

    It made me understand why a sentence which may seem so innocent to a person who isn't living with infertility can crush someone who is trying to concieve. I met the end product and believe me ladies , I feel for you and I KNOW you will one day too!

    Above all I vow to never include the words "maybe if you just..." in my vocab! LOVE YOU LADIES !!!

  2. This is an amazing idea. I tried to do it and got seriously bitched at by some random fertile...

  3. Love this! Hmm...how about when my MIL told me that if I was going to be older when we had kids, she had a great doctor to recommend, little does she know that it's her son's low sperm count why we haven't/won't have any!

  4. Took me a moment to figure out what STFU stood for. Sorry, I'm a little slow! LOL! I think this is a great idea.

  5. I still cant figure out what STFU means...PLEASE TELL US! lol


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