Thursday, June 24, 2010

It's That Easy!

So, a fb friend left this as her status this morning:

"Its the season to pop out some babies I guess, must have been a cold winter. Seeing all these tiny little babies makes me want another one however my hands are getting full with [her baby] now being mobile"

So it's the weather now? Guess I am screwed... living in Hawaii and all.
Or are we all that incapable? That post just annoyed me, I wish people could understand that it isn't THAT easy.


  1. LOL. Got to love/hate that. I live in NY and I love when people complain about being pregnant in the summer and needing to time things better so the baby pops out in May, must be nice to live in a world where things worked like that.

  2. That's it...if it's weather related, let's all move to the Yukon in Canada. Surely then, we'd have babies flowing from our wombs...


  3. I think it's time to hide her status updates... I know I would:)

  4. First its the water, now its the weather, whats next?

  5. seeing as I live in Canada I have to say it's definitely not related to cold winters otherwise I'd have like an entire hockey team of kids by now!

    stupid fertile...

  6. I know this post is old but I'm going through all the old ones since I realized I had never read back.

    The reason people say it's the "weather" is because people stay INDOORS more in the winter, hence...more nookie. Yeah, I sure wish it worked that way! Instead, I have to defrost my car, bundle up, and drive 40 miles to my RE's office...and STILL don't get pregnant. Geez


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