Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I hope the lack of blog posts here means that everyone is doing good! I sure hope so!

Anybody doing anything special for the holiday weekend? My husband's command gets a wonderful 4 day weekend, and Joint Base Pearl Harbor/Hickam have big things planned for the weekend, especially on the 4th. Pearl Harbor is the base my husband is stationed on, but since there are several military installations on the island of Oahu, there is a lot to choose from.

Does your family have anything they do special... Cookouts, parades, etc for the 4th of July?

I hope everyone has a safe, happy and wonderful 4th of July. Even if you don't support the war, please support the men and women sent to fight in it. (I personally don't care for the war, but I sure love my sailor & all the troops out there!)

If there are any ladies that aren't living in the USA, but have a wonderful holiday tradition story to tell, I want to hear it too!


  1. We're celebrating with friends and family with lots of food... but not because it's the fourth... we celebrating the new job I just got and my stepdaughter coming to live with's going to be an awesome weekend.

  2. Today is Canada Day here (July 1st). No big plans...fireworks are always the big thing :)
    Though I do have an orthodontist appt today to get my retainer and then I'm meeting an acupunturist who specializes in infertility and ob/gyn related stuff.

  3. Yay for new jobs and Canada Day!

  4. I want to say thank you to your husband, and you, for all the sacrifices you two make on behalf of the American people. I, for one, never take that for granted.

  5. Thanks you RM for your support! It is very appreciated! Have a great 4th!

  6. I had a lovely 4 day weekend thanks to Canada Day on Thursday and I decided to take Friday off too.

    Of course I spent Canada Day at home in our Nation's Capital - Ottawa. On Friday we decided to head to the USA for the rest of the weekend! We did this last year too - so I guess you could say travelling to the US is our tradition now on July 4th weekend!

  7. That is sweet Andrea! If my husband and I get stationed in Washington state, I want to venture into Canada for Canada Day!


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