Friday, August 13, 2010

Just Relax

I hate that there is *just enough* scientific evidence to keep that offensive and annoying piece of advice, "Just relax" going.  ME "just relaxing" will NOT suddenly make my husband produce sperm.  ME "just relaxing" will NOT miraculously reverse the effects of cisplatinum chemotherapy, bleomycin drugs, or other alkylating chemotherapy drugs.  And for that matter, no amount of my husband "just relaxing" won't do a bit of good either.  Especially since my husband received those drugs over 25 years ago. 

Submitted by Christine
snarky girl married to an infertile man


  1.'s a load of BS.

    It only applies to perfectly fertile women who have delays in ovulation due to stress...but aside from that, it's completely false advice.

  2. Yep. I have gone off on people that tell me that. I don't listen to it anymore, call me a b, but I can't stand hearing it anymore. My OB even told me (after 2 YEARS) to just give it time. WTH? It isn't going to get my non ovulating stubborn ovaries to work right...

  3. Is this in response to the ridiculous article on CNN Health today?

  4. My pcp said the same thing. Hello, I don't ovulate!


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