Thursday, September 23, 2010

Kid pretending to be a Cat

A "friend" on facebook always seems to be complaining about her kid.

Today her status is:

Jane Doe would like to know what to do when your kid is driving you bits pretending to be a cat? Specifically, which section do I list her under on Kijiji?

I am holding back from posting

Check in the Infertiles section, I am sure there are many infertile couples who would love to be bothered by a kid pretending to be a cat.



  1. haha...I like your response :P

  2. I would love to have a crazy awesome kid like that... hell, I'd take Max from where the wild things are at this point!

  3. Oh geez... people who complain about their kids make me nuts. By the way, if that was my friend I could've responded, "My cats act like kids because I'm not lucky enough to have kids who act like cats."

  4. I'd have responded, I sure hope she sprays on your new bedspread LMAO

  5. You give your kid snacks (goldfish seem like they'd be fitting) and get him or her to sit and enjoy their treat for awhile....
    Besides that... seriously?


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