Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook Pregnancy Annoucement

I found out three days ago that my supposed best friend is 7 weeks pregnant.

On her Facebook wall she had a couple of "likes" - one for a baby stroller/pram and another for the Essential Baby website (in Australia).

I knew she and her husband were TTC so I became suspicious and did a Google search for my friend using her nickname. To my shock, two baby/pregnancy websites came up and I knew it was my friend who had been posting on the pregnancy forums. She got her BFP two weeks ago and has told her family and some friends and work colleagues, but not me. I'm her "best" friend!

Having been a long term TTC'er (5 years, 4 miscarriages), I thought she would have had the grace to break it to me before I could find out for myself.

Also, this "friend" sent me a rather shitty email having a go at me for not congratulating her.

Submitted by Belinda


  1. That totally sucks!!
    Facebook sucks. I found out that my sister was like 6 weeks pregnant through facebook about a month ago! It seriously felt like a knife in the heart. Not only did she really not need this pregnancy(really bad situation and already has a 9 month old) I felt just betrayed. Broke my heart. I totally get how your feeling. My sister told me I was just jealous, because we have had two early losses this year and couldnt get pregnant. :(

  2. Sorry what a BIATCH. Why do BFF do this to us? I know the horror stories. I am so sorry. Sometimes I just console myself thinking that my child will be better looking / smarter / funnier. You know the drill. Big hugs xo

  3. UGH. I've been there and I'm still trying to decide if the friendship is worth salvaging. She's 20 weeks now and I'm still so mad at her (she doesn't help her case by rubbing it in my face every.single.time I see her)

  4. Belinda, I jut wanted to let you know there was I comment I went to moderate for this post from Suse. I can assume there is some crap going on with her because she sounded like a complete b*tch and I was NOT going to post it. It was flat out rude towards you. I do have it saved in the marked as spam part of our comment admin.

    I'd ignore this person. What a whack job.


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