Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wanna trade??

This one bears reiterating the whole story that leads up to the "STFU fertile" moment, for the full effect.  So the day before my egg retrieval, I went to fill my prescriptions for medrol, tetracycline, and since I needed more prenatal vitamins, I figured I'd bring that one in, too.

I dropped the 3 prescription papers off at Walg.reens after work, around 5:15.  I tend to go inside and drop off, but today there was no one in the drive-thru to my surprise!  So I decided to take the lazy man's way this day.  After asking me a million questions, the lady finally told me that they do not have medrol in stock...they wouldn't be able to get it for at least a week.  Sorry lady, I need these for tomorrow night!  And I knew I would want to come straight home after retrieval the following morning.

So being that I was at the driveup, she sent the prescription for medrol back out to me through the little box thing.  (I should have begged for all of them'll soon see why).  She told me to use an independent pharmacy.  I went to Walmart anyway....and they had it there.  She told me it would be about an hour and a half on the 2 scripts she was filling.  Fair enough.  So I spent about 20 minutes at Walmart, then met DH on his lunch break, and went back to Walgreens, two hours past the drop-off time.  When I walked up, she said "we are still filling it".  In other words, they fucking forgot about me, and when I got there they decided to wake their sorry asses up and fill it.  Hello people, hormonal woman here with the hcg hormone flowing through my body and I'm not even pregant (yet)!

So I wait 5 minutes...then the girl pops up and says "I couldn't fill one of these because we are out of stock."  To which I reply, "I know that, I took the medrol to Walmart already".   And I find out she's referring to the tetracycline!!!  Says she can't get it in til Monday.  Well (probably fertile) bitch, I need it before Monday!  When I asked why no one told me this when I dropped the damn thing off, so I could've brought all of them to Walmart instead, she gave me some lame-ass excuse that the medrol has been on backorder, but that they didn't know about the tetracycline til now.  Well, I would have loved a freaking courtesy call to tell me this!...however I know that their sorry asses didn't call because they didn't even bother trying to refill, much less check for tetracycline til I got there!!

She called the other Walgreens, across town, to see if they had tetra, and they did.  So I go there--to yet a third pharmacy, you follow me?--and I go in this time.  Well, big mistake...

I get helped after being ignored for the first 2 minutes I was at the counter.  They filled it right away..hmph.  I explain and express my aggravation over the fact that this is the THIRD pharmacy I've had to go to, and that I should've just taken all 3 of the scripts to Walmart in the first place.  I mentioned that I used to fill my birth control there, but I hated that they had such short hours on Sunday..and that was the SINGLE reason that I was now at Walgreens, but was thinking about taking my business back to Walmart. 

Then she said the one thing that almost sent me over the counter to punch her face. 

"Oh that don't work for me.  I can be on birth control on top of birth control, on top of birth control...and I still get pregnant".  *cue jaw drop!* 

So I said, "wow, I wish it worked that way for me...I've been OFF of it for 3 years trying to get pregnant, and still haven't." (with a sad face of course)

To which she replied yelled,  "I GOT 5 KIDS!"

And I don't remember exactly what I said but something to the effect of, did you not just hear what I said????

So she says "we should trade!"  And I walk the fuck out as fast as I can get out of there.  I get in my car and cry, and say "God, what the heck?!  She is complaining about the 5 kids she doesn't want, and here I am going in 12 hours to get eggs retrieved from my ovaries under anesthesia, and all I've been through.  Oh, the irony"  (and sadness and unfairness!!!)

And to top it all off, I get home right at 8:00.  I missed the entire American Idol results show for this bullshit!!!    Seriously, the 3 pharmacy runs was enough, and then at the third to have some fertile bitch tell me how she has 5 kids she doesn't want.  People are so. very. ignorant.


  1. oh my gosh, what a load of crap.

    The first 2 pharmacy experiences were enough for an IF girl...and then the bi.tch at the 3rd! I am so sorry Cherbear....I am so sorry!

  2. I had to actually re-read that. I couldn't believe that a person, a PHARMACIST no less(or tech, or whatever) could be so effing rude! Isn't that some sort of license violation? God, I'm pissed as hell for you. And more than a little disgusted. A bad pharmacist, a not-so-loving mother, and a rude insensitive human being. I'm so sorry you got stuck dealing with that on top of everything else.

  3. If BC don't work, get your effing tubes tied. I seriously think I would've bitch slapped her.

    Hope this is the worst thing that happens this cycle! Best wishes.

  4. I am so thankful my infertility meds come to me via UPS & in an unmarked box so I can avoid all stupid comments like that!

  5. First of all - an hour and a half to fill a prescription? Wow that's slow. Get immediate service here in NZ. Second - I smell a letter of complaint to at least 2 of those pharmacies! Simply not good enough for them to mistreat you like this. So sorry you had such a bad experience, hope the retrieval goes well.

  6. I would totally write a letter of complaint (or maybe one for each stupid pharmacy)....that is unprofessional and unacceptable...I'm so sorry for you hunny

  7. So completely unbelievable, yet at the same time believable. I cannot begin to understand the things that fertiles say, even those who are infertile, but succeed first time around with clomid.

  8. I agree on the writing complaint letters. I've had my scripts at Walgreens for *mumble mumble* years now (its 20, I just counted. Gleep.) and I've never been treated so appallingly. Yes, They've forgotten to fill my scripts, but usually I get back an excuse like, "We've been so busy, we just didn't get to it. We'll do it right now." And now I've got the whole thing tied to my email, so I get an email when the scripts are ready.

    And the pharmacist at 3rd place needs a stern talking to on the appropriateness of how and when to share personal details. You don't chirpily tell a terminal patient that you can't relate because you've never been sick a day in your life; yet it's perfectly acceptable to tell an infertile your super-fertility woes? I wish I had the rudeness in me to tell the superfertiles, "If birth control isn't working for you, why don't you try not fucking? That works for most people. And if you still get pregnant, you get your own religion. Bonus!"

  9. That was bad enough to warrant going back to report her to her manager. Seriously. I'm sorry.

  10. Oh my goodness! I can NOT believe how ignorant and insensitive people are. It's hard enough for us to see them with their kids, but when they whine and complain about makes me want to take their kids from them. Why do they deserve kids (heck, they didn't even want them), and we have trouble having them? Not fair by any means. I'm sorry you had such a bad day.

    I'm a new follower.

  11. WHAT THE HELL???? ohhhh people are so friggin retarded!!!!!!


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