Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fertile is as Fertile Does

What I love best is this quote:
The pair have been enjoying ‘no-strings’ relations ever since, with Joanne increasingly frustrated that she’s failed to conceive. ‘It’s obvious something’s wrong, because having had all these babies, for me not to be pregnant again by now in all this time is odd. If anyone knows how to get pregnant it’s me.’
We, of course, do not know how to get pregnant. I get that you can't always support your family financially, but, maybe she could consider supporting them emotionally so they don't need to go out and build their own family in order to feel validated as human beings.


  1. yikes!!! That quote killed me, but then when I read the entire story, ummm she lost her last pregnancy at 20 weeks!! Obviously there could be something wrong now. A good reporter would have asked her why she lost the baby and why she wants to risk getting pregnant again.

    If it's true about the cap on her benefits (receiving only the amount that someone with 5 kids would get) then that is one good thing, thank God.

    And hello, she brought her daughter to the dr, "just like with the oldest"...well obviously it didn't work for them either! I think Mariah WANTED to get pregnant so she could get some recognition from her mom, she is trying to compete with her older sisters. So sad.


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