Monday, March 18, 2013

The right way to tell an infertile your happy news

I got this email today from a wonderful, thoughtful, caring friend who has just reached the end of the first trimester of her 2nd pregnancy... I can't help but be incredibly happy for her, considering that I have struggled for years with fertility issues and am now facing my 40's alone and childless, having just recently separated from my husband of 7 years:

"This may not be a good time to share this with you but we wanted you to be one of the first to know as you are very important to us. I am pregnant with an estimated due date in early September. I’m sure with everything you have been through it must be really hard to hear this kind of news, I would quite understand if you want to lock yourself in a room and scream at how unfair life can be but please don’t stay there too long, I’ll miss you! We have shared the news with Jordan* and although initially quite bemused he now talks about all the things he will teach the baby to do. "

* Name changed to protect identity

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  1. WOW and that is why I don't want anyone to know our fertility stuggles because even when they don't say it you know what they are thinking. Which sucks most when you are not thinking what they think you are thinking :). I always felt like with this one girl she thought I was going to steal her kids or something


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