Thursday, May 20, 2010

IF and It's Special Abilities!

My name is Holly, and I am a Netflixaholic.

(everyone chimes in here: Hi Holly!)

Okay. So I have been having a Heroes marathon. All the hullabaloo about 'abilities' got me to thinking... What special ability do I have? And I actually thought of one! One that I think 95% of all infertiles have during their IF journey:

The ability to be happy and sad at the same exact time!

I have been tapping into this ability constantly over the past few weeks, as 10 new pregnancy announcements have popped up in my blog circuit alone. All in the perfect time frame of being on 10 days of Provera (progesterone), and those wonderful days right before AF when we are most unstable in our emotions. Normally, I don't cry watching Sex and the City either.

What are your super IF powers? Do you have the same as me?!?


  1. Hi Holly.
    I am "Bumpy"
    I too have a Netflix addiction, and access to this addiction is ridiculously easy with the Instant Queue. And the ability to access on my Wii also.

    I recently had a long (extremely unproductive) weekend watching the ENTIRE season on 6 Feet Under. No lie.

    My Super IF Powers is called HCG Sense. It is kinda like a 6th Sense...only for sensing HCG a mile away. I know people are pregnant way before they tell. HECK- probably before they know they are pregnant.
    Like Rogue with the XMen...I am sure to get gray hair b/c of it.

  2. My IF superpower (particularly when on Lupron) is seething, misdirected, uncontrollable RAGE. I'm pretty sure when I'm on that stuff I could throw my (350lb) husband clear across the room... or at least knock him down and gnaw the nose off his face. But angrily. Like a zombie.

    Poor man.

  3. This is so cute. I love these answers. (And watching 6 feet under is never a waste ;))

    My IF superpower is being able to be calm and crazy all in the same hour. I can go from completely normal to bat-shit crazy in 5.2 seconds.

  4. I just found your blog...LOVE IT! My IF superpower (while on Clomid) is super hearing, seeing, and smelling. It seems like everything is louder, brighter, and smellier on that stuff.

  5. Such great abilities!!! :D Okay, maybe not always the ones we want though!

    And it is the instant Que on my Wii that weakens my motivation to do anything else...

  6. I have the power to give other people children. Everyone I know in person, even the people going through infertility treatments, who wanted kids (and a few who didn't) now have children.

    Also, I have a very good pregdar.

  7. Oh Doogie, I forgot about those talents too! I am everyone's pregnancy good luck charm. Even if they aren't trying.

    I seem to have more of a pregmag. I can't go anywhere without being surrounded by them.


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