Monday, June 7, 2010

Every weekend is a long weekend

Coworker: How are you?
Me: Tired.  Long weekend.
Coworker: With me, every weekend is a long weekend.  Kids, ya know.
Me: (sharply) Without kids makes a long weekend (thinking) when your every waking moment is consumed with trying to think of things you can do to get kids, drugs, shots, pills, nutrition, exercise, "self"care, scheduled sex...)
Coworker: Yeah?
Me: Yeah.
Coworker: Oh.  Well, you know, it's 24 hours, all the time every time.

Really?  It's not part-time?  It's not as easy as, oh, say getting pregnant?

Submitted by Doogie


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  2. I just love it when my three friends back home; two of them have 4 kids, the other has 2; complain about how crazy their life is because of their kids... All three of these women only need to look at their husbands to get pregnant...

    I was talking to one of them (one with 4 kids) and she was wanting to come out with the other mommy of 4 to visit me in Hawaii to have a "Mommy Vacation"... I all but told her to eff off.

  3. Oh yeah... and I just love being reminded "how hard" it is doing laundry when you have kids...

    UM.... I HATE LAUNDRY. And even though it's just me and my husband, there is A LOT.

    Just because we don't have kids, doesn't mean life is all carefree, rainbows, money to spend and happiness pouring out of our butts... even if you aren't TTC with IF... News Flash: It's not that much easier. TYVM Fertiles.

  4. I hate that "You don't have kids you don't understand how busy I am..."



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