Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Wasn't Holding My Breath...

So, the pregnant friend I used to speak to, up until she went off on me 3 months ago, had her baby today. I knew only through the grapevine. And I was sure she wouldn't have had the balls to text me about it. Well, 20 minutes ago she did. She just wanted me to know that her perfect baby was born, and she in fact was perfect and healthy. She is the one that knew my struggles well and good even when she told me they were trying, 3 months later... boom. Of course I just happened to be at her house when she took the test... and then texted a picture of it to her husband at work... By the 4th month of her pregnancy and the millionth month of another failure for me, she stopped talking to me just about altogether, except for when her husband needed his haircut. Honestly, when she lost her mind 3 months ago and yelled at me because she didn't know how to NOT complain about her pregnancy around me, I wasn't too upset about being able to get away from her.

How insensitive do you have to be?! I mean really, was it necessary for her to tell me that, personally via text?

For the record, I don't give a damn... and it took forcing my husband to take my cell phone from me before I told her so, and then end it with throwing my phone at the wall.


  1. People are insane.. really. I'm just dumbfounded by all of these stories.

  2. It's like she texted you just to rub it in.

    I also have a former friend who couldn't handle being my friend through our struggles to get pregnant because it made her feel guilty about ever having a complaint about her pregnancy. So She cut me out. I guess she wasn't much of a friend after all.

    And I can't believe your "friend" texted her husband the news! That just seems so "oh, by the way, I'm pregnant."


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