Friday, June 11, 2010

Knife + Infertiles = Bad Combination

I was at a Lia Sophia party (which is the Pampered Chef (or Mary Kay) of the jewelry world)yesterday and the Lia Sophia representative was telling us why she got into Lia Sophia business.
"Well, I have two kids, one is four and one is a baby..."
and at that moment my world went dark and I thought, "I'm buying NOTHING from this women.  She's rich enough already.  She's got two kids.  She doesn't need my money too.  I need my money, so I can try to have kids of my own."

Last time this I felt like this, was about 5 years ago when I went to Pampered Chef party and the Pampered Chef consultant was talking about how she just found out she was pregnant, and how she picked this stupid cutsey way to tell her husband.  And how she was waiting tell him, but she JUST KNEW she was pregnant, "you know how you just know."

No, I don't.  And by the way, how dumb are you for handing me a knife five minutes ago that I'm STILL HOLDING? You might have wanted to take it back before starting this story.

Submitted by Doogie


  1. I love the last part of the post! Take back the knife!!!

    I love how all fertiles just assume everyone "knows"

  2. Me too lovin the knife part. Man these hostesses need to check themselves before they start spewing their family business instead of just hosting a damn party! Good you didn't buy anything, I would not have either!


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