Sunday, August 8, 2010

What do *WE* have to complain about?!

I'm currently going through IVF treatments, and being pretty public about it on Facebook, so I suppose I expect some comments. But still, it's *my* Facebook and the people there are my friends (I've blocked certain people from seeing my updates as I knew I wouldn't be able to handle their comments). Mostly people have been lovely, interested and supportive, but one comment this morning irked me slightly.
"This is late morning for baby owners. :)"

I know my friend was trying to be funny and supportive, but what he doesn't realise that comments like these (and we IFers get a LOT of them) come across as belittling what we are going through, while at the same time implying that we are ignorant of the realities of parenting. I hope he gets that from my response.

Also, please note that *three* of the four commenters have their children in their profile pictures. (I probably shouldn't complain too much as I'm kissing my husband in mine). The only one that really bothers me is "R"'s though. You probably can't make it out, but that is a picture of her breastfeeding her baby while they are both in cosplay costumes - and this isn't even the most graphic of profile pics she's put up. I find it deeply disturbing.
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  1. I hate that flippin' holier than thou, belittling attitude that some parents get. I once dared to utter that I was tired at a morning meeting and this young b**** said "what do you have to be tired about? You don't have a teething 14 month old at home." It was all I could do to walk out of the room to keep from slapping her.

  2. Nice comment back, though! You go! I am convinced that some people just don't have the empathy that is required to truly understand our situation. Stay strong!

  3. I am on the edge of losing a good friend over her remarks about me saying "I haven't slept well in a week"

  4. A very good friend of my on FB and Twitter recently said something to me when I said I was tired - she replied 'stop bitching I only get 3 hours sleep a night' - followed by an I love you and winky face. I replied I'll stop bitching about it when she stops bitching about being pregnant with her third. She replied 'touché'. The point is sometimes I feel now that it's my job to point out things back to people when they say something. They mean well but don't realize.

  5. My RE's office does all non-pregnancy ultrasounds before 9. After 9 they turn over to pregnancy ultrasounds.

    Semen analysis (home version) is 6:45-9:00.
    In house version is 12-1.

    I always went for the earliest times I could get, 'cause I'd rather get it over with, but 7:00 is awful early to get poked with a stick.


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