Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This is for all the moms

Anyone else see this gem going around on FB?

"This is for all the moms that gave up eyeliners for dark circles, salon haircuts for ponytails, long showers for quick showers, late nites for early mornins designer bags for diaper bags & wudnt change a thing. Lets see how many moms repost this. This is for those moms who don't care about what they gave up instead LOVE what they get in return. Repost this if ur a Mom and LOVE your kids!"

What if your not a Mom but gave up all of those things because of the emotional and physical costs of infertility?


  1. Word. I'm with you. How about:

    "This is for all the women who gave up buying new clothes for expensive fertility drugs, fun sex for timed sex, evening yoga classes for afternoon ultrasounds, vacation time for time off recovering from procedures, hope for panic and frustration. Repost this if you want to be a mom more than anything else in this world, but nature keeps raining on your proverbial parade."

  2. ^^ I might copy and paste that one. Totally.

  3. Ummm ya - I might copy and paste that one today too.

  4. wow that would really make fertiles uncomfortable lol!!!

    love it...but wouldn't have the balls to post it :(

  5. Oooh, it is really tempting to post. But I. Don't want to be that bitter. Even though I am.

  6. If we hadn't given up TTC, I would totally post that. Well said!

  7. I usually don't like those things on fb and that one takes the cake...

    I am giving up a new(er) car for IVF (if it comes to that)...driving around a beater with 217,000 miles on it. I might post that!


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