Thursday, October 7, 2010

Giveaway - 100 Followers!! *edited*

Well we did it!  We successfully found 100 other people who enjoy to complain and listen to others complain about the unkind infertiles in our lives. (103 followers at the time of this post actually!)
For the most part, this had been great, so positive and reassuring for those of us going through infertility.  We had a few negative comments but nothing crazy!  So yeahh for us!

In honor of reaching this wonderful goal, we are hosting a giveaway.

An assortment of beauty & bath products from Victoria's Secret, Bath & Body Works & L'Oreal.


Mandatory entry:
Leave a comment below with your favorite piece of baby making "assvice" you have ever received.

You must complete the mandatory entry before doing any extra entries.

Extra Entries (Leave a comment for each entry):

1 Entry: Follow our blog publicly (found on right sidebar).
2 Entries: Post about this contest on your blog with a link back to STFU Fertiles  (Leave a link back to your post in your comment).
1 Entry: Tweet about this contest:
I entered to win a bath & beauty giveaway at STFUF   You may do this once daily (always leave the link in your tweet in your entry)
2 Entries: Add our button to your blog.

**Edited to add: Alison at Giggly Girl Designs has offered to include a free blog button to the winner!

Good luck! Contest ends on September 25th at midnight. Winner will here on the blog a few days after that.
Winner will be chosen through Open to US & Canada.

Please be sure to include your e-mail or have it in your profile so I can contact you if you win. Thanks!


  1. in the last 10 years this would have to be in the top 10 "Just Relax"


  3. "Just trust in God's plan, maybe you aren't supposed to have children..."

    ... I'm Buddhist, so, that doesn't exactly help me.

  4. Oh! You know I have the button :D Cuz I made it!

  5. "Drink more wine" was my favorite piece of baby making "assvice"

  6. I'm a follower!

    "well, at least you can't get accidentally preggers!"

  7. I get lots of "Just relax. You're trying too hard."

  8. Oou... how about this one:

    "Prop your ass up on pillows after sex."

    Um.. I have been having sex on pillows... not working either.

  9. "It'll happen when you stop trying"

  10. After m/c from 2nd IVF after 5 years of trying: "You just need to get over it. Maybe you were just meant to be the best aunt ever." ~Brother in Law.


  11. Just tweeted about giveaway!

  12. People actually stopped giving me advice because they know I won't appreciate it. But I used to get the "Just relax" speech all the time.

  13. "I just know it will happen for you"

    Oh... I apparently know several psychics!

    The main point of this post was I never left my email!


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