Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Who hasn't seen THIS freaking crap on Facebook? I have hidden about three 'friends' b/c the KEEP POSTING IT!
It isn't that I don't agree on some level- but for cripes sake.
I makes me see failure, loser, broken, dejected, etc. etc. etc. when I look in the mirror.


  1. Yeah, yeah, I get it, you birthed a baby. Women have been doing it for eons. But instead of posting it on FB, just go give your mom a call.

    And way to say that motherhood only comes from birthing a child. You know the bitches that post that crap would be up in arms if we said we would love our kids more because ours were planned and we went through infertility to get them. Or if we said adoptive mothers were better because they birthed their children from the heart.

    Save that shit for mother's day and put it in a card so no one else has to read it.

  2. This is fucking terrible. It's so rude to everyone who didn't Birth a child. I saw this on my facebook and I just wanted to write
    Fuck You.
    I didn't.
    You are not alone. Do not feel broken... one day.. we will be better people and mothers and be compassionate women who wouldn't post something like this that would hurt someone.

  3. I would like to post this the opposite way on FB...dare me?

    I have NOT carried a baby within my body. I have NOT comforted a baby on my chest........................when I look in the mirror I see empty arms and there is no greater disappointment or fear.

    That'll shut 'em up! If I wanted to "come out" on FB, I sure as heck would post it! Maybe one day...

  4. I am so glad I haven't had anyone post this that I know. A few months ago, one friend posted something similar and I basically told her to shove it.

  5. Oh, it was the same friend that cried for two weeks on her status messages about her husband having to be in Arizona for a work thing.... Um, if my husband goes somewhere for work, it's to AFGHANISTAN... for MONTHS. yeah... some people.

  6. I've seen this a few times but the people who posted don't know me or my story so I forgive them...but I swear if my sister or bff posts it they will get an earful

  7. I haven't talked to one of my only 'friends' since she posted this. It was heartwrenching and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She apologized, but there just aren't words for posting something like this. It just confirmed to me that I couldn't be friends with someone whose children is their world to the point where every status update all day long makes me cringe. I get it.. being a Mom is a miracle. But what a slap in the face. :(


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