Sunday, October 31, 2010

Right now, they ARE my babies

With Halloween coming up this weekend, I ordered costumes online for my two dogs.

When they got here, I put them on my dogs and, using treats for bribery, took some photos of them.

I posted a photo of the two of them on my facebook page. An aunt (who while she may not know the specific details, knows we've had "trouble" ttc) commented: "You have too much time on your hands!"

Really? Is that what you are going to tell my sister when she posts pictures of her two year old in his costume? Is that what you will tell the parents who bring their kids in their fifty dollar costumes trick or treating to your door?

Oh, and for the record? If we finally DO get pregnant and have babies, I probably will STILL take pictures of my dogs in costume at Halloween. Maybe I'll even buy a matching one for the kid.

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  1. You go girl!

    What a stupid comment!

  2. I hate when people say that- I bet they were adorable!! I'm going to your blog right now to see if you posted a pic of them...
    My German Shepherd was Dracula tonight...

  3. This makes me crazy! I had a similar experience (not with a pet), but with some craft projects I was frantically filling my 2ww as to not lose my mind...and a family member said, "What, are you bored?" No, Not Bored...trying to keep my sanity!!

  4. What about the stup stay at home moms who post mundane bullshit about their kids every. single. day. Whatever!!
    I bet those dogs of yours of so cute!!

  5. i dress my dog up for every holiday, hell she even has pjs and daily active wear. I don't give a rat's ass what anyone I have too much time on my hands? Sure do, and I spend it making sure my lovie looks her best!

  6. I love it! My dogs and I generally have matching or themed costumes...DH sometimes joins in too....I fully expect if we have human children, they too will be added to the theme. I don't think that's having too much time, I think that's making good use of your time....and I posted a pic on my FB page of my furries and my cousin posted he thought they would poop in my shoes....ha! they love the extra treats the get for wearing the costume!

  7. Ugh. I totally agree with you! I have a traveling gnome that I take pictures with everywhere I go, and people tell me the same thing...or "You really need to have a kid"

  8. Ugh...I can't believe someone would say that! I am now exponentially more grateful that my mom bakes cookies especially for my dogs. XOXO, Mom.


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