Monday, November 22, 2010

Vote for my kid!

This is a message I received yesterday from someone on my FB list.

Subject: Your child could be the Gerber Generation's next star!

Hi, It will be great if you can take a minute to vote for JHXY (name replaced). Here is the link and search criteria will be "JHXY" and/or city "Mt. Juliet". It is a 2 step process. Once you vote for him, it will automatically generate an email to your id, and you will have to open that email and click on the same day to complete your vote! Thank you so much.

What ticked me off was:
a) this person is has never before contacted me for a casual hi hello. Now she messages me because she needs my vote

b) I've never met her son, what makes her think I'll find him cute?

I understand that she thinks her son should be Gerber's next generation star (if I had a son or daughter, I'd probably think so too). But that doesn't mean she can mass email people on her friends list for votes!

Submitted by Keya

1 comment:

  1. I've seen a lot of those clogging up my FB feed, and I hate them!!


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