Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There's a big difference

I went out to get more OPK's.

While in line the woman in front of me left the line to grab one more item. She came back with one blue package of an OPK.

The cashier said to her "that's not a pregnancy test, the pregnancy tests are in a purple package".

The customer said "what's the difference?".

The cashier said "those are to tell you when you're ovulating".
The customer, standing beside her about-8-year-old child: *blank stare*.
Meanwhile I'm standing there supressing my mean  thoughts and glares at the customer who is oblivious to one of the many processes of trying to get pregnant.

The customer goes back to switch her OPK box for a HPT box.

Me: When it's my turn at the till, I put down the 8 boxes of OPK's from my basket and I say to the cashier "I know the difference".

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  1. Seriously? What woman doesn't know the word "ovulating" even if she doesn't track it?
    So sorry this made you feel down.

  2. And these dumb asses are the ones who can procreate....I just don't get it...why breed stupid people??? It only keeps the shallow gene pool around....

  3. Hah, yeah, we all know the difference.
    And why oh whyyyyy do stupid people procreate so damn easily?!?! Ever see Idiocracy? I'm afraid it's seriously happening...

  4. Wow. She probably had at least 7 more children at home...just sayin...

  5. I'd have wanted to punch that customer in the back of the head.

    Anonymous, I hope you were able to shut the cashier up quick smart!

  6. I had a girl the other day tell me a story about how a another girl had two uteruses (uteri??) and was talking about how they ovulated. It took everything I had not to scream, your uterus doesn't ovulate idiot!

  7. I wish I didn't know the difference...

  8. hah! stupid ass! Makes me sick. I actually saw a post in reply to someone asking for advice on getting pregnant (on a non-pregnancy related board) that said "We just ignored everything else and had sex on day 14, heehee that seemed to work just fine"

    People are so oblivious.

  9. It's fertile women like that that make a bitter infertile. How can people be so dumb and are able to have children! NOT FAIR!

  10. ignorance is bliss...sometimes I wish I was ignorant.


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