Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scared of "finding out the sex"?

When so many of us live in fear that we will never get pregnant, or stay pregnant, apparently fertiles are "scared" about finding out the sex???

I seem to be the only one posting lately, but I guess I have a lot of bitch-fests saved up as I have only recently joined as a contributor to this site!!  So bear with me.

This is old, but I just had to share b/c I knew you all would find it..well, interesting.  Last year a girl I was acquainted with in high school added me as a friend on FB, and I accepted.
Then I receive this inbox message:

How have u been? Long time no talk...I have a little girl she is 15 months old. I'm also 5 months pregnant! I have an ultrasound this friday, April 9th to find out the sex of the baby. :) I'm excited and scared. So where do you live now? I see your married :) very cool! I can't believe this year makes 10 years we have been out of highschool! That is nuts! Talk to ya soon! Have a Happy Easter :)

So she told me nothing about her life except about her children.  What do you say to that?  I was in a REALLY bad place at the time, and this hurt me pretty badly.  So rather than be a complete bitch I said:

Happy Easter, you have a very blessed life.
I never got a reply.  Although now that I'm reading it again, it looks like I was telling her to have a blessed life, and ending the conversation.  When in fact, I was telling her how very blessed she was.  I wanted to tell her to suck it up and be happy she's having her 2nd baby and why worry about the sex???!!    I can't say I was upset to not receive a post back.  Our 4th IUI had just failed so I didn't want to hear this shit!

By the way, the reason I thought of this again is because after a long stint of not seeing any wall posts from her, she has just uploaded 20 bajillion pics of her kids, one by one---for the last 20 minutes her kids' pictures keep popping on the screen.  And I see that her 2nd is a little boy, which is probably what she wanted....


  1. Ugh, I'd be more concerned about the health and heartbeat than anything else. I used to be so hung up on having a girl but now, I'd be happy with either, as long as it's alive, healthy, pink and screaming.

    I've found that people just want to friend me on FB just because they are nosy and probably just want to know what you look like (ie. is she fatter than me?), then have a big brag fest about their lives (their kids!) but they really don't give a shit about your life. I've unfriended people because they showed no interest in having regular contact.

  2. I don't get this either. I'm on a June 2011 mommies board and it really rubs me the wrong way when they say "I hope it's a _____". And how excited they are for the anatomy scan as if the gender was the only reason for it. I was terrified to go to mine...yes I wanted to know what I was having but only to satisfy my curiosity not because I had a preference. I was much more terrified that there would be no heartbeat or some other tragedy...I don't get how this doesn't even seem to cross the mind of some women.

  3. Clue - freaking- less! Crap like this drives me crazy! You should totally de-friend her.

  4. All the IFers who are currently pregnant are so nervous before their U/S - all they pray for is a beating heart and a healthy baby. They fear the worst. And most fertiles are luckly enough to be "scared" of the sex of the baby. What a world...

  5. Some people!! You would think they would be so excited to not only find out but count those fingers and toes and listen to that little heart beat. I'm convinced some people don't think.

  6. Well, I don't think you're missing much anyway with someone who says "your [sic] married." She must be kinda dumb.

  7. I think I'd be more concerned that the baby was healthy and the heartbeat was strong. I can't believe how insensitive people are nowadays. I'm sorry you had to deal with that.


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