Friday, April 1, 2011

Facebook WTF moment!

I wasn't going to post this here, but I decided to link back to my blog post about a conversation I had on facebook chat with a "fertile" that I went to high school with.

It's very long, but you will be shocked by some of the things she says.  (or not...most of you have probably heard it all by now)    I had to, of course, interject about things I would have LIKED to say but they would have been really cut-throat. 



  1. Fertiles can be so fucking useless. Obviously, not all of them, just the smugs who think they have all the answers :-(

  2. I like what you told her in your first conversation and I'm going to use it at some point: "You have a very blessed life."

    That whole chat conversation made my blood boil. Personally, I like to make people as uncomfortable as possible about my infertility if I have to. I've gotten pretty good at it, I can usually stop them before they start in on those aggravating things like, "It will happen in God's time." Or if they do say something like that, I rudely say, "OK" and leave it at that. At some point, people need to realize their comments are shitty.

    (I know that makes me sound like a bitch, but I'm really a nice person...I promise!)

  3. Yeah, sounds like a typical conversation I have with my cousin or SiL.
    Fertiles just have absolutely NO idea.
    Or well, in the case of my SiL, that took 6years to get pregnant and stay pregnant, she completely forgot her struggles as soon as she popped out a kid.

  4. I've had innumerable conversations that closely resemble that via Facebook. At least once a month (usually when AF is in town) I seriously consider deleting my account. But then I think of all the infertile ladies I've befriended on the interwebs who I keep in touch with & stay.


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