Thursday, July 21, 2011

Happy Momiversary to me!

I'm actually okay with the birthday posts. I'm even okay with the child milestones, "Jaden is 3 months young today! GiggleSquee! I'm just as happy as if I had good sense." but I have absolutely had it with the random momiversary posts.

You know what? You can wait until the 22 hours are up, TOMORROW and post a happy birthday message to your child, who can't read it.

Wow. That was random. Thanks for sharing. It's not even a perfect one year anniversary. It's just another excuse to post a belly pic* that you probably posted at the time. Yea! And the best part is how its then couched in the traditional cry of summer pregnant women everywhere: so glad I'm not like those pregnate momma's [sic] (anymore) who have to be pregnant in the summer.

I know I've said it before, but if it meant walking away with a healthy baby, I'd sit an oven for 9 months.

*I've thoughtfully omitted the belly shots from both posts. Bad enough seeing it the first time.


  1. You are totally right...and I would do the same.

    So....I wish I could just tell them all...I do not feel sorry for you...and I refuse to listen to it. You can keep complaining...but I am 'hiding' you. UGH...

  2. After almost 8 years of infertility, treatments, miscarriages, etc, I am one of those women pregnant in the summer (30 weeks as of now). You will NEVER hear me complain about it, and when people try to give me “sympathy”, I tell them I would happily be pregnant on the surface of the sun if it meant holding my baby someday. Pregnant women need to wake up and realize that the people who need love and understanding aren’t themselves (women who happen to be pregnant in summer), they are the women who are still fighting and hurting for a chance at the wonderful blessing of being called “mom”.

    Thank you for this post.

  3. Never really gotten the moaning about summer and pregnancy. My older son was born August 20th in Texas and I don't get how pregnancy made the heat any different than any other year. It's just like people seek out reasons to complain or whine about being pregnant. To get a gold star or something.

    I have to bite my tongue from comments like "they know what causes that condition" and of course STFU always has a nice ring to it. Within two weeks of delivering a stillborn child and a over ten week premature child, I was struck by the temerity of a "friend" saying wasn't it nice that I got to be unpregnant. Holy shit.

  4. The belly shots definitely sting! Did you see the 'Parent's Day' the other day, or yesterday maybe?? UGH just another slap in the face!


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