Thursday, July 21, 2011


It's postpartum. I know you're too freaking depressed to figure out how to spell, but maybe you're not so depressed that you can figure out that the internet is not your personal therapist and maybe, if you really do have "post-pardum" depression, it might be time to see a professional. You know what, go anyway, if you're fine, they'll tell you so and send you home. And if you're depressed, does it really matter whether its postpartum, prepartum, or post Great Aunt Ruth's birthday? You still should get help if an infant is depending on you to be the sane one in the relationship.

It's my feeling that if you have to ask whether you're depressed, you probably are. STFU on the facebook and hie thee to somewhere you can actually get help.

The next post you make should be for therapist recommendations. But don't ask me, because mine specializes in infertility counseling.


  1. Lol hey there! I'm ur latest new follower and I'm loving this blog! :) It's like ur reading my thoughts.. Hehe. Look forward to more of ur posts =)

  2. I feel for this lady, as I have suffered depression for my entire life, and it is very hard. It is common and it is hard when you have an infant depending on you.

    However, posting it on facebook is very odd...I would never, ever ask that question on facebook, mainly because facebook is really very surface and I don't want all of my "friends" to know everything about me.

    That being said, I have been way too TMI on facebook and later regretted it...I shared my early miscarriage and when I thought I was losing my second one. When my baby was born at a pound I said way too many things about my feelings...

    Maybe this girl is in crisis mode. Who knows. But it is very unusual to post that on facebook. I hope that she can get some real help and not facebook help.

  3. Usually I just laugh at the posts on here, but this one isn't funny. This girl is clearly in crisis, and needs sympathy, not derision. Just because she has a child and you do not, does not mean that a cry for help should go unheeded or be mocked.


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