Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I'm trying not to assume everyone is a complete moron, but when you can't figure out how to pluralize "baby," and you're inches from having one, you need to take a moment to remember that these babbies or baby's or whatever they are, depend on you to be the smart one who educates them. They're counting on you to help them get through school. Now I admit, you have a couple of years to figure out that you turn baby into babies, by a standard rule where the "y" becomes an "ies," but haven't you already HAD a few years to figure that out? The apostrophe is for possession. I have yet to figure out how the apostrophe became the go-to guy for plurals.

Maybe while I was preparing myself for having a baby (because I'm clearly not ready or I would have one, right?), by learning proper grammar and working on my spelling, I should have been doing whatever the hell you were doing.


  1. AMEN! I'm an elementary school teacher and this is my biggest pet peeve -- those superfluous apostrophes. I've threatened to throttle students who use it. Are you familiar w/ the Oatmeal? He is my idol: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/apostrophe

  2. And such "lady's" get knocked up in no time. grrr


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