Monday, April 16, 2012

Childless whining

This was posted on STFU parents, but I think it is equally appropriate on this site. It pissed me off to no end (and made me cry a little) when I first read it and If I knew this woman I would probably punch her in the face. It's in the attachments, and I think it is quite possibly the most offensive thing ever not only to infertiles but people without children by choice.

See the original post here:


  1. wow! this is effin' horrible. she needs to be punched...and maybe kicked a little bit!

  2. "humanitarian" she says? Umm, not with this stuff spouting out her mouth she ain't! Whatever happened to basic respect and trying to see things from another persons point of view? Just, wow. So wrong, and so naive.

  3. Well, if those of us who don't have children are so worthless, why don't they just take us out back and shoot us? Then she can live in a world run only by people with kids who are too busy to do anything else apparently.

  4. Oh crap I was supposed to wear a glove when extracting the poop?!...I can see it from both sides. Parents do get a bit smug and people without children kind of have no idea how much kids sap your energy it NEVER ends but in a good way. I think some moms have more help then others from DaDs the moms who do most of the childcare are So tired. Also I haven't trained my kids to leave me a lone so they never do it's my fault i am so damn busy all the time they will take as much as you give them and take and take.

  5. I remember this post. I laughed the whole way through it. An entire egocentric post dedicated to the idea that the egocentric is, in reality, a sensitive, dedicated, selfless person wholly devoted to RAISING ANOTHER HUMAN BEING, UNLIKE YOU SELFISH CHILDLESS RICH JERKS WHO ONLY CARE ABOUT YOURSELFS!

    Do you wonder if her arm gets sore from the patting herself on the back?


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