Thursday, June 21, 2012

Who's Your Sperm Donor?

No.  You're sperm donor.  Let's review.  You knock up your 17 year old girlfriend, then break up when the kid's a year old.  You get back together for a visit while your relations are in town visiting you, resulting in, guess what, another baby!  After this drama ensues, including being arrested on charges of assaulting the babymomma. Then, when that baby is nearly a year old, you get back together with the babymomma again and move halfway across the country; leaving them where they are, until you can save up enough for an apartment to bring them to. 

And not to make this about the babymomma, but I think my remaining respect for her when she was complaining that she couldn't afford diapers for the baby because you were such a deadbeat.  Does that make you the ass for not providing or her for letting herself have a second child with you after seeing what a crap father you were for the first one.  And getting back together for a third time...I look forward to meeting Mistake #3 in 8 months. 

And forever more when I hear people complain about the homosexuals destroying the sanctity of marriage by using that word to describe their legal coupledom, I think, well, this guy can use the term "daddy," to describe his relationship to two children he has avoided for most of their life and he's certainly done less to earn it than they have.

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