Friday, July 30, 2010

Don't They Have Any Brains?

I really really REALLY hate complaining pregnant women/mothers...

While they complain about pregnancy symptoms, we are stuck dealing with them too, only we aren't pregnant... we are just stuffing ourselves full of synthetic hormones in hope for a pregnancy that might bring real morning sickness. Some words of advice: Get the hell over it. You get to have a baby.

I don't know about the rest of you, but hearing a new mom piss and moan about a baby that keeps them up at night is just as irritating. I know I'd rather be kept up by a wonderful baby, rather than laying awake wondering what I did to have to go through infertility.

Got a toddler that you have to chase everywhere? Potty training taking longer than you want it too? Or maybe a 6 yr old that won't leave you alone, ever? Or how about several kids that always need help with homework and you are just to tired to want to deal with it?... Maybe you are just ungrateful. Period. You are lucky.

I'd rather have to deal with all of those things at the same time than continue to be childless.



  1. Oh, yeah. I keep telling people I get all the symptoms, no kid. Hate it.

  2. When my "friend" was pregnant, every time she would complain, I'd say.. yeah me too.. cept I don't get a kid. She didn't get the hint.

  3. I had a friend like that, she just had the baby in June.

    She never got the hint either.

  4. And many of those friends/family that are doing the complaining know what you are going through or have been through yet still complain!

  5. A friend of mine recently complained that she, "didn't take to motherhood at first. [She] was alone at home with no one but her baby to talk too..." (I stopped listening after that.) What I wouldn't give to have no one but my child to talk to. Just to hold her in my arms will be heaven on earth, and I will NEVER take our children for granted. (Though I might secretly complain when changing a diaper or two - that stuff is pretty foul.)

  6. I think diapers are an exception Ashlee, for sure.

    And I agree with you, I'd give anything to have a baby by the time my husband gets deployed...

    That friend I mentioned above texted me a few weeks ago and was telling me how hard of a time she's having. Yeah... I dont feel sorry for her at all.

  7. a friend of mine recently made a comment in response to my fb status (I said I'd been sleeping badly). She said that she hasn't slept in 18 months (she has an 18 month old and a newborn--accidently of course...).

    A fellow IF couldn't contain her anger and wrote to her in a sarcastic tone "it must be so terrible to have a miracle be the reason you can't sleep rather than not being able to sleep because of the sadness of never having a miracle..."

    The mother friend hasn't spoken to me since...even after I wrote a letter apologizing for the comment made by the other girl...

    they really don't get it... :(

  8. Is it bad that I would have said the same thing to her?

    It's kind of true, lol. Must be sooooo horrible.

  9. I can see both sides of it in this case. I think it needs to be okay for fertiles to whine about the problems of fertility. I worry if we say they can never complain because at the end of it they have a baby (true), because then the terminally ill can say to us that it's not okay for us to complain about being infertile, because at least we're not counting the minutes until our deaths. (Actually we are. There are just more of them, and they seem longer. I spent a month and a half wishing I had terminal uterine cancer so at least I knew there would be an end to the infertility.)

    I object to the stupid and the insensitive comments fertiles make. I object to be cornered and forced to listen to listen to a mother whine about how she hates that she has to arrange childcare for her child so she can work. And how much it sucks that she's missing all that quality baby time.

    I think when/if our time comes, there are going to be things about pregnancy we're going to hate. We're going to love the feeling and the results (hopefully), but I'm not sure I want to give up my right to complain about any pieces of it that suck.

  10. exactly. i just had my 7th and he cries so much, and is still waking up all night long at almost 5 IS stressful. he is still precious, and im glad to have him and his siblings but it doesnt make it any less annoying to get up with him every 3 hours all night long.

  11. Wow, "anonymous" Could you be any more of an INSENSITIVE person?
    Really, you just had your 7th child?! How about...


    I think I can safely say, no one feels sorry for you here, and it would be great not to ever hear from you again... you "anonymous" coward.

  12. And Marci.... You have NO IDEA what you are talking about. At all. Seriously? Infertility CAN be a terminal illness for many women.

    There is no way you can understand "both" sides.

    How about you refrain from opening your mouth here any further?

  13. There are studies that say dealing with infertility is as much stress as dealing with cancer.

  14. Unacceptable, anonymous. I am leaving this up for a moment for others to see.. but this is OUR place to vent and NOT be judged. If you are not infertile or an infertile supporter, stay away.
    I don't frequent your 7 kid mommy blogs and bash you. There is no reason for you to be here. and no reason for you to make any of us feel bad.

  15. i "know" a person that anonymous can be friends with ...she's pregnant with her 8th kid & belongs to an IFERTILITY website ! ummm NO ma'am, you are NOT INFERTILE !


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