Saturday, July 31, 2010

Something About Today.

At one point today, I had to just walk away from my laptop. Something about everything I read today really really rubbed me the wrong way. There was a specific reason I made my last post here too, and after a long day, I need to write about it...

In a forum I try not to frequent, there was a discussion post made. The chick who made it started out by letting everyone know that it had been too long since she had been there and here was why: At the beginning of July she had a baby (isn't everyone doing that anyways?!?). Well, she had some serious serious issues, causing her to have to be basically put into a coma for 14 days. (I can't imagine how hard that was and how scary, really and truly.) The part that cam next is what kind of pissed me off....

She began venting on (I'm guessing because she wasn't too clear) how now her 3 yr old wouldn't leave her side and was upset with why she had been gone for so long, and how a good and healthy birth had been taken away from her/ she missed the first 14 days of her new baby's life. She actually said "People have babies every day..." Like it's that effing easy...

UM?!?!?! WTF! While I'm sure it's really hard to get a 3yr old to understand that mommy had been sick... SHE IS STILL ALIVE, first and foremost... Am I wrong here? Not only that, so the 14 days of missing out on her baby is a slight bummer, yeah, she gets to have the rest of her child's life to be apart of. Not only that... the baby is healthy AND she is alive AND she still has her 3 yr old!

My point is, some women aren't that lucky... many women still die from child birth... many children don't make it to birth and last but not least, there are many of us that aren't even able to get pregnant at all.

What is it with these people?!?!?


  1. 10% of my insanity is due to Provera at the moment... bah.

  2. I feel bad for her. I do. But it sounds like she is not able to be thankful for what she DOES have. You need to stop going to that board! Especially while cycling! HUGS.

  3. I sooo do! And I feel for her too, that had to have been scary, even if a birth wasn't involved.
    She made it a point to vent about the little stuff and that pushed me over a bit.

  4. There's a time and a place for all kinds of complaining. Just as I wouldn't go on a forum for people who have recently lost a parent and rave about how much I love spending time with my dad, I surely wouldn't whine about my children on a forum to women who don't have the luxury of compalining about children! We're here for you...

  5. I agree. Time and place and this forum is obviously not the time or place.
    I'm sorry, sometimes everything pisses me off too.
    Step away from the message boards :)

  6. Yes definitely, I totally agree with the other peeps. I do feel that must have been awful though! Sounds like she might have a bit of PTSD? Anyway stop going there and write more on here if you need-we are here for you!!

  7. Thankfully the person I like to keep up with there is on facebook, so now I don't have to go there anymore! :D

  8. That was not an infertility forum! And she also mentioned that she'd only conceived her children through IVF, too... it hadn't been an easy road for her. And finally, she mentioned that she'd been in an induced coma for 14 days... but had missed the first seven WEEKS of her baby's life due to the rest of her hospitalization. All in all, I'd say that a valid thing to vent about. Life is full of hurt, and it shows up in all kinds of ways.


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