Thursday, July 29, 2010

Letters to the clueless in my life

Dear friend who was the first friend I ever told I have PCOS to:

Thanks for your reply of, "I'm SO glad I didn't have to deal with anything like that".  The only reason I didn't punch you in the throat is because you were holding your baby.  You want to know why we don't hang out anymore?  Because of that comment.  And you want to know why I haven't told anyone other than my parents and feel insecure about sharing my struggles?  Because of that comment.  So thanks for making me into an emotional cripple.

Fuck you.

Dear Aesthetician:

Yeah, I told you we were thinking about kids.  THINKING.  So don't ask me if I'm pregnant every single time you see me.  It's been two years, obviously things aren't working out.  So next time I see you..

Shut The Fuck Up.

Dear Nosy Neighbor:

I realize I'm a childless housewife.  Don't ask me what I do all day.  Don't tell me that I need kids to fill my spare time.  Really, why is it any of your business?

You know what?  Fuck you too.

Dear Husband:

Stop your incessant optimism.  Let me wallow in self-pity for a while.  Let me get it out of my system.  You say it's 'our' problem, but really, it's mine.  The reason we don't have kids?  Me.  It's MY fault.  It makes me feel inadequate, and like less of a woman.  It makes me feel empty and hollow.  So let me cry in bed for a few hours.  I don't need you to rub my back and tell me that it WILL happen.  Cause how do you know?  You don't, so shut up and let me cry.

Dear God:

How about some quality control?  Socks get quality control, but not us?  Why does the lady in the ghetto with five kids living on welfare, get another kid, while I'm sitting here praying for just one?  Maybe I'll adopt eventually, but I want to know what it feels like to create something.  Surely, you must understand.

The Housewife 


  1. Aaaaahh...yes. Great post.


    Such a perfect post!!!! The last two letters are my fave (even though I follow Buddhism) ;)

  3. You tell em, others can relate, it's okay to cry in bed and wollow!

  4. Can I add my name to the signature line of that letter?

  5. This post literally made me cry. I could have written the exact same post.

    Big Hugs!

  6. Um... an entire blog telling 'fertiles' to STFU?


    And great post!

    Way to take a tragedy and turn it into a mean-spirited hate fest!

    No, wait- that didn't sound right. I meant it was hilarious.


  7. Thanks for letting us fertiles know what NOT to say. Very helpful. I wouldn't want to get punched in the throat for being the insensitive bitch I am. Great post!

  8. I was in a same situation like you. I feel your pain. Please be patient it will happen. God is testing you....just hold on.

  9. Damn, can I relate to the God one. After ten years of marriage, we still can't seem to make any of our own. The high school girl who is just fooling around with all sorts of boys gets pregnant (and is now thinking about abortion). But from us, who waited to have sex until we were joined in holy matrimony, like we were told God wants, and who've kept ourselves for each other, and who want a large family (4-6 kids) to love, from *us* you withhold. Screw you.


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