Friday, July 23, 2010

Working in a Breeder's Paradise

Yesterday I had to practically run to my computer to blog about the "baby-fest" taking place in my office. Our boss recently got married to and had an "oops" baby with one of my best friends, so needless to say his bundle of joy (whom I adore) is ALWAYS in our office. Which sets the precedence, for you guessed it, everyone bringing their fucking spawn in here, like, ALL of the time. I work in a law office not a romper-room, some days its hard to tell the difference.

Its bad enough I have to deal with my own personal IF hell without toddlers toddling through the hallway at work saying hi 50 times over and over and fucking over again, along with the annoying crying and the ridiculous cooing that everyone does. Everyone just eats that shit up, they can't get enough, except me in my office with the door closed. No one here understands!

And the breeder commentary? Enough to drive me over the edge.

I just walked by the lunchroom and was enthusiastically told "the BABY's HERE"!!!!! and overheard someone saying "babies are just the best". I had to get out of there fast before I threw up a little. Yesterday everyone rallied around the newly married guy telling him, "your next"! Nine months from now you'll be bring your baby in. WTF? I imagine if I was one of the fertile I would revel in this hell, but I am not, so I am left to stew being bitter and angry, alone.

So its been 4 babies in the last two days. I used to think it was cool to work with my peers. Now I think it sucks.

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  1. So sorry! People are clueless...seriously, is it to much to ask to WORK at work instead of oggle over children? Have a bbq at your house and invite all your co-workers to drool over your children, don't do it at the office!

  2. I would quit. Even in this economy... I would not work there, you are hella brave dealing with all that!

  3. Oh hun that sucks. And you can be sure they won't understand even if you were (brave/silly/mad) enough to sit down and patiently explain it to them all.

    I have learnt that I will see babies and Mums everywhere I go, and that fertile folks just have no clue what it's like to WANT WANT WANT a kid soooo bad, and not be able to have one. No. Clue. They don't know they hurt you. They have no idea. It's sad. I'm sure many of them would be truly upset to know just how they make us feel.

  4. That is crappy. I am so glad that I work around dangerous stuff that little people can't be around.


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