Friday, July 30, 2010

so you were the expert I was supposed to go to

If you happened to follow my blog, and also happened to read/overhear my situation with a former friend's pregnancy you may know I got a long, terribly shitty comment left by an anonymous reader this week. I now block comments from an anonymous readers, and have changed the name/url of my blog.

I won't rehash the entire shitty comment, but there was one part that really sticks out that I find almost comical. I REALLY wish I knew who left the comment so I could confront them about this statement:

"I wouldn’t even say you were infertile in this stage of the game you are having a difficult time getting pregnant."

Wow, really? I didn't realize you were the expert I was supposed to be listening to! Why don't I pull down my pants so you can take a good long look at my hooha to make sure it's just "difficult," not infertile as I have been told by someone with a medical degree. I guess that means that my doctor is an idiot, and the fact that I have had 7 medicated cycles FAIL, over $3000 spent on doctor's fees, meds, procedures, blood work, semen analysis & a HSG, and a total of 3 years trying just means I'm having a "difficult time." What a fucking idiot, and a coward for leaving an anonymous comment. Man up and let your face be seen instead of spewing a load of shit on my doorstep under a veil!


  1. Wow...what an inconsiderate jerk! I hear from people that I am not infertile...and then I have to school them on it. People are dumb.

  2. I had people tell me (after a failed IVF, no less) that "once you stop trying, that's when it will happen." Oh, right, I had no idea that RELAXING my brain from TTc would help my husbands sperm swim faster. If only you had told me that months ago, we could have saved $13,000.

  3. LOL...yea, relaxing will make my ovaries produce eggs. Bwahahaha!

  4. I am in awe of how strong some of the women are who have blogged their journeys. My journey is only two years, three IUI's, one HSG, two RE's, and $5,000 long. I gues that makes me a newbie, too. But it doesn't mean that our frustration, pain, and general hopelessness is any less real. Sometimes I wonder if I just don't want to move forward because I'm worried that I'm going to exhaust all of my's a scary thing and you should be admired for helping the rest of us get through our own trials. Super-hug!!!

  5. People who leave anonymous comments piss me off! I mean it is one thing to have an opinion but it is another to not own it and shit on someone else's day.

    People - sheesh!


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