Sunday, August 1, 2010

Hairdresser Stupidity

My infertility story:  had a hysterectomy in Nov '08 due to adenomyosis, and I had my right ovary removed in June '10 due to endometriosis.

Yesterday I went to go get a haircut.  The chick who was cutting my hair was making tons of small talk with me, and asked me what I did for the July 4th weekend.  Without thinking I said that I spent it recovering from having surgery.  She asked what kind of surgery and I told her to remove my left ovary due to endo.

She then asked about endo, so I told her about it.  Then she asked if I could still have kids, and I replied no, because I had a hysterectomy almost 2 years ago.

She had more questions about endo, and then the fertility thing was brought up again.

She said that I was lucky that I wouldn't accidentally get "preggers."


Now I should have told her how much therapy and anti-depressants I've had to take because I will never get "preggers" but I just let it go. 



  1. Oh, wow, seriously? *slaps hairdresser for you*

  2. *rolls eyes* what a genius...

    ugh....why don't they get it?

  3. Oh how the stupidity of strangers just makes me cringe. Seriously? That is what she said. WTFrick!!!

  4. I opened a little box of raisins, the flap inside read: "Common sense isn't so common."

    Amen, raisins, amen.

  5. Seriously. I couldn't make up this shit if I tried...


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