Monday, August 2, 2010


My mom found out that her friend's daughter is struggling with IF.  So I guess they talk about it.  Whatever.

She recently found out that said friend's daughter went through IVF.  She got twins.  It made me kind of hopeful in a weird way, until I found out that she elected to get rid of one.  They were both healthy, and they both stuck.  Why would you get rid of one?  WHY??

She knows what it's like to have IF, she obviously put a lot of time, effort and money into having children.  So why?

I'll never understand.  It makes me so incredibly frustrated.  But to each their own I guess.


  1. Trying to be optimistic here: maybe she has some sort of medical issues that makes carrying twins VERY dangerous for her.

    Other than that, if you aren't willing to carry more than one baby, why would you transfer more than one embryo at a time in the first place? I say transfer what you are willing to keep if they all stick.

  2. I'm trying to be optimistic too, and am thinking that there is something medical that led her to make that decision.

  3. Wow insane. I can't imagine myself making that decision.

  4. Am I a jackass for hoping I'll have twins so I can have my two kids and stop having to go to the RE?

  5. I'm just putting this out there...if anyone ends up having quints or something and doesn't think they can handle all those babies, I'll TAKE TWO! (Only partly kidding.)

  6. I read that and actually just said "what?" out loud. I'd gladly take 2 in a heartbeat.


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