Tuesday, August 17, 2010


My parents adopted 2 children and got pregnant with me after 10 years of infertility. My parents feel that even though they did not go through infertility treatments that they know more than me; who has had 5 years, 6 cycles of drugs, 4 iui's, 1 ivf and a m/c! Every time they run across a newspaper article or news story they forward it to me or tell me to read it and shove it in my face. They are also constantly telling me to "relax" and "not stress". I have a stress free life, if anything stresses me its them! Why cant people just listen and not but in?!

When people ask the question "Do you have any kids" I normally take that opportunity to educate and inform them of infertility and how rude of a question that really is. I just started a new job on Monday and of course all the women asked me that and since I was new I didn't want to come across badly so I just answered "no". Today I was talking with a 30something women with 3 kids and I was talking about my last job I used to have to call Planned Parent hood and that was extremely hard for me. She started telling me of her brother and SIL's infertility. I took that opening and informed her of mine. If she knows from her families own struggles she should have known better than to NOT ask that question! UGH!


  1. I HATE that question! I am an eye doc, and at least three patients a day ask. When I say no, some even ask why not? Ugh!

  2. Wow.. just wow.. I expect more from certain people and someone who had someone close to them experience it Should Know Better!


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