Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Precisely why

This is precisely why I do not post how I feel on f//b unless that it's I feel good! Why does someone think that really is an appropriate thing to ask in a public forum?


  1. I got a similar comment on a recent FB post.

    My post: S fell asleep on the couch last night before 8:30. I thought I had recovered from my long weekend but maybe not.

    Clueless FB friend's comment (obviously someone who knows nothing about our IF): are you sure you're not pregnant?

    Me: LOL Keri, if only. No, I don't think that's it.

    I shoulda seen that one coming.

  2. So annoying. As if any time your sick or tired, you must be pregnant. be a fertile :)

  3. i had to cancel my follistim appt for tomorrow because AF never showed today... and the girl that does the RE appts asked if I had taken a test... I should have seen that coming, I know she didn't mean anything by it. But I told her I beat her to it.... i POAS about 30 min ealier.

  4. Ugh, that sucks. I'd probably have responded "no, but thanks for reminding me about my infertility problems!" I get a tad cranky when people assume sickness or tiredness means pregnant.. if only!

  5. Yeah, I once posted on FB that I was "hormonal" - while pissed off and hopped up on Clomid. BIG MISTAKE. Apparently you can only be hormonal if you're pregnant. Frack.


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