Monday, October 11, 2010

Stop Trying & It Will Happen

I just found out that I am not ovulating, and we now have to do a sperm analysis, ultrasound next cycle, and will start clomid the cycle after that. I receive a FB message from a friend who is currently expecting her third child. I had told her a while back that we were trying, and she said this:

her: Are you still baby planning?

me: Yep! Hasn't happened yet, but it will soon! :) [I even put the smiley face, trying to be so nice and cut her off]

her: Once you stop trying it will happen.

I couldn't even make up a response. This lady works in my company and is kinda high up, so I couldn't go off on her like I wanted to.

but here is what I wanted to say to her: OH REALLY?! Like the egg and sperm just say to each other "you know, they want us to hang out tonight. Let's not, just to spite them." Except that my eggs aren't even coming out.

STFU!! Is that how you got your 3rd child, whom you are feeling move inside you right now? You just stopped trying, and unexpectedly got pregnant the 3rd time? Not likely.




  1. Gah, I hate that comment. When unemployed people stop looking for a job, do they then get one out of the blue? No.


  2. Ugh, I hate when people say that!!!

    The last person who said that to me, I responded with "really?? Relaxing is going to unblock both my tubes?? Cool why didn't the doctors tell me that"

    Fertiles are so Stupid!!!

  3. ITA! I hate when people say that!!

  4. makes you want to say " didn't want to have any- is that what you are say miss mom of three?"



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