Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pregnant in the Winter

being pregnant in the wintertime is hazardous to your health. 'nuff said. 7 month pregnant woman's general warning (butt out Surgeon General!)

Ugh!!  I just don’t even have a witty comeback…

Loving your blog, just subscribed a few days ago.


  1. Oh yes, it must be so perilous *rolleyes*

    WTF is she on about? I'd love to be pregnant in the winter, at least it would keep me warm. Some ppl.....

  2. I feel so sorry for her! (NOT!)

    My "supposed" best friend just said on her fb. She revealed that she was 12 weeks pregnant to the fb world...and someone said "I knew it would happen eventually"--meaning they would eventually decide to want kids. and "supposed" best friend says "Yep, we finally decided to jump on the bandwagon lol".
    Me: REALLY! It is a f'ing bandwagon now! What about me, who has been on the wagon...and wanted to jump off many times now because I am so sick of being depressed and the whole ride!!!!

    but I guess I will just keep my mouth shut...cause anything I do say I am just being 'sensitive...'.

  3. i gave you an award at my blog www.theempty-nest.blogspot.com

  4. that's pretty stupid...everyone says spring is the best time to have a baby (imagine the luxury of even choosing when it happens!)...guess what? you need to be preggo in the winter for a spring baby!

  5. I may be dim-witted, but I'm not sure what she's alluding to by winter being perilous - maybe that the ice is treacherous for waddling moms to be?

    Sounds like another excuse for a "poor pregnant me" Facebook posting. Lovely.

  6. Possible comment:
    "Idk some of those fertility drugs have some nasty side effects"


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