Thursday, February 24, 2011

Okay seriously, WTF?

My DH's cousin posted this status today on FB:

I'm asking y'all because I don't use them but it's time because I don't want to be a dad right now!! All my friends are having kids and I don't want one right now!! So girls or guys what are the best condoms out there!! Girls can respond because y'all know how it is!!!

I'm glad he actually wants to prevent, but aside from this being creepy to see on facebook, it just made me cringe that "all [his] friends are having kids".  Why are these little pricks who are young and naive and sleeping around sooooo fucking fertile and my DH and I have been throwing a shit ton of money at doctors for the past 2 years, doing everything under the sun, and still haven't gotten pregnant??? 

I also had this thought:  "he just ASSUMES that if he has unprotected sex he's going to get a girl knocked up so easily just because all his friends are.  Yeah, 2 years ago I had those same feelings that it wouldn't be that difficult to get pregnant...after all, everyone was popping up pregnant."  I realize that it's a stupid thought because it's very normal for someone who's not ready for children to do everything possible to prevent a pregnancy....but because of my stupid ass infertility, this was one of the thoughts that crossed my mind and I wanted to share just how ridiculous this crap has got me thinking now. 

I know this is just the same story as we always see, and the same complaints we all have about how messed up the world is....but I had to post and get that off my chest. 


  1. Errr, is he a virgin? 'Cause if i were his friend, that's what I would assume :P

  2. I would have said: "can't help you there...I haven't use any birth control or condoms in years and I'm not pregnant"

  3. This sounds more like an immature, young guy trying to make other people believe he has some kind of wild sex life by being provocative on FB.

  4. Jen I was totally tempted!! hah

    Keya, he's definitely NOT a virgin. He's 22 and I'm sure has slept around a bit but now has a steady girlfriend. And his little brother got his girlfriend pregnant in high school.

  5. I don't understand why people think they should post shit like this on FB. Condom advice is not something to ask your 400 friends, most of which you probably wouldn't even say hi to on the street...

  6. Ick - totally creepy. I figured out once that I could've saved nearly $2400 in birth control since I've clearly never needed it.


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