Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My life as a mother

From a "friend" who went through IVF to get pregnant.  How soon they forget... FB statuses will now mostly revolve around my life as a mother and my twins. If you don't like it, delete me.
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    •  LMAO! someone complained!!!
      5 hours ago ·

    • Who would give you crap about that?
      5 hours ago ·

    • Just a heads up ;)
      5 hours ago ·

    • Totally agree being moms are our life!!! I love posting the funny stuff Edyn does
      5 hours ago ·

    • I understand that! What else is there to talk about then our beautiful children!
      5 hours ago ·

    • C ya! Lol
      5 hours ago via Facebook Mobile ·

    • Ummm really?! I cant believe someone would dare to complain about that!
      5 hours ago ·

    •  I'm with u autumn! I hardly remember what life was like before I had a baby, n he's only 9 months! Keep posting pics of those beautiful baby girls and continue speaking ur mind!!!
      4 hours ago ·

    •  I agree!! It's truly a blessing to have a baby and it is so awesome! So glad that I have FB to make me feel like I'm a normal mother!!
      3 hours ago ·
    • Amen Sister!
      2 hours ago ·



  1. Some of those responses blow my mind. "What else is there to talk about then our beautiful children!"

    Erm - how about world events, anything in the news, the local council wanting to raise taxes, Charlie Sheen ...

    I hope you unfriended her.

  2. Automatic friend removal for cockiness, arrogance, and insensitivity. As for the people who replied to her, some of them need to get a life and pursue individual interests as well.

  3. just wrong, wrong, wrong! She's right - how quickly they forget. Stunning, really.

  4. It's kinda sad to me that once a lot of women become mothers they really DON'T have anything else to talk about. I think it is fine when people talk about their kids on FB...I really don't have a problem with it, but when it's ALL they talk about. I hope when I become a mother I still want to talk about other things, and I don’t alienate friends on FB who don’t have children.

    Does anyone else find it interesting how mothers tend to bound together on FB? Like they are constantly asking each other for advice, complaining about their children together, bragging about their children together, commenting on each other’s statuses….even when they are only acquaintances? But RARELY do they comment on my statuses, and if I say anything about kids, or comment on their statuses….they don’t respond. I almost feel like I am being left out of “the club,” like I am unworthy or something. Hmph.

  5. Krista I totally get that same feeling!

    I am in agreement that it shouldn't be ALL mothers talk about. These people's responses really killed me. HAND TO FOREHEAD!!!!

  6. having gone through IVF part of me understands her statement...only because it was so hard to get pregnant I feel like I deserve to be happy about it like any "fertile" would.

    That being said, I wouldn't word it that way and I certainly think it's pathetic that some people would comment the way they did. I get that when a new baby comes into your life you don't have much time for everything else and so it sort of is the only thing they have to talk about...but after a certain point I think that you can go back to watching the news and discussing other things with people...

  7. I really hate the "It's a blessing to have a baby!" I hear that all the time from my husband's grandma (his cousin is pregnant with the first great/grandchild for our family just 2 months after getting married and TTC for that long - it was torture for her!). I'm still blessed because I don't have a baby you idiots! Jesus still loves me! They act like I'm going to hell for being infertile...

  8. Delete her. I just deleted 1/3 of my FB friends. I'm on a rampage.

  9. I would comment "ok, just remember this for later when you wonder why we lost touch" and then delete her. I can understand someone getting caught up in excitement, but that is just rude. There is NO reason or excuse for being flat out rude. So sorry your friend is douche.

  10. Ha!

    I can't believe it, but I always read you girls on this site. It's great how you take such a painful subject and make it hilarious.

    Well played, ladies.

    Oh, and I really liked the post yesterday about the dude looking for condoms. Facebook? Seriously?


    Hopefully he'll continue to use condoms so he doesn't procreate. We really don't need his tribe of Rtards running around this Earth.


  11. OH freaking quickly they forget.

    I am 17 week pregnant, and I don't talk about it. I have people post something to my wall, and I will private message them back. I know severl people going through IF, and I am sure there are more that are that I don't know about. I refuse to contribute to their pain.

  12. Infertility amnesia strikes again - ughhhh

  13. I actually ended a friendship about 2 years ago due to this same insensitivity, and we were close friends for 7 years sharing/bonding over our struggle to conceive! She became pregnant within months of TTC but had to wait over a year to TTC due to diabetes and getting her body ready. I did't react to her gushing about motherhood every time we spoke and started to distance myself from her. When she asked why and I explained I felt she lost touch with the struggle of TTC, that she was now doing things she used to get upset about that others did before she conceived, she got upset and accused me of being in a very dark place in my life and hopes I can find peace! How soon they forget! Sorry you had to experience that and thanks for sharing!


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