Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Are you serious??

The Hubs and I have recently decided to re-start treatment.  IVF cycles are always super stressful
for me, because I am an anal retentive psychopath (hey, at least I'm aware of it).  I must control
everything, and part of that is to concentrate on the cycle at hand, and (theoretically) not the
children I don't have.

Two days ago I checked the mail, only to find this...

(Seriously, of all the things to have to get.  Let's not even discuss the damn 'accidental' sentence,
'Parents spread the love.'  Shit.)

Someone subscribed me to this godforsaken magazine.  Either someone's attempt to be supportive
was reallllllyyyyy misguided, or someone is a mean-spirited douchebag.

For the record, I also get 'American Baby.'  What.  The.  Hell?

Either way, shitty thing to do, shitty thing to deal with right now.

- T_Lee  Mama T's Madcap Misadventures in Life and Babymaking


  1. I hate that, one of my miscarriages like 3 months later the ob/gyn office subscribed me to a pregnancy E-mail letter. I was beyond mad.

  2. With you on wanting to control everything... so IVF being stressful b/c everything is out of your control - driving me crazy at the moment ! What an odd thing to subscribe for you... not what one needs when TTC ! xo

  3. Ugh, isn't it the worst?? Somehow I have also ended up on the Parents mailing list and it drives me insane. I always get really irritated and throw it really hard into the recycling bin. :C I'm also on Baby's R Us catalog and Pampers coupon mailing lists somehow. No kids. Never had any. Talk about a slap in the face :/

  4. I subscribed myself to American Baby when my husband and I first started TTC. I of course thought I'd be taking the advice from these magazines soon... 3 years later I'm still waiting to use any of it! We ended up moving and had all of our mail forwarded to my parents for awhile. I completely forgot about the magazines and had a lot of questions to answer! The magazines always seem to come at the worst time too... Just when I need another reminder that I am still not a mother. Ugh!

  5. I feel your pain, I get both of these and have to refrain from throwing an fit at the mail box. All I want to do is through it on the ground and stomp and scream for at least 10 minutes - however I try not to scare my neighbors.

  6. Ugh! I get it. With my first pregnancy (needless to say, ended in miscarriage), I made the mistake of subscribing to who even knows what (thebump? parenting?) for info and a few days after my due date, I started getting all of these things in the mail for new borns ~ formula samples, magazines, coupons for diapers, etc. I made sure not to make that mistake again with #2 (another miscarriage) but I still get that stuff! My husband tries to hide it from me but it's usually too late and he gets to witness yet another temper tantrum ;)

  7. These two magazines began appearing after my 24 week stillbirth 6 years ago. I don't know why or how. And they've followed me through two moves and two states. I've asked to be removed from the mailing list, and was told I'm not a subscriber. It's like a cruel joke.

  8. I mysteriously started receiving these too! Every freaking month it's a stab in the heart. I was convinced that someone was playing a cruel joke on me.

  9. Ugh! I also mysteriously began receiving these every month for about 3 years now. I figured someone was either hopeful for me at the start, or playing a cruel joke. Either way, it's a stab to the heart every month. :(


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