Thursday, March 10, 2011

Facebook Fertile

A friend on facebook had an interesting status today. The poor girl hasn't conceived for a whole 3 months. I'm so sad for her. It must be devastating to wait that long. I've only been waiting 4 years. Also, maybe if she relaxes and has lots of sex, it will happen. Sheesh. I didn't think of that. See below.

A friend wrote on facebook: wish things always went how I wanted them to. Third time's a charm?

Comments: Baby making? Carson probably would like a little brother or sister to play with. :)

Friend: Yep, this will be the third month since going off the pill. We conceived right away with Carson, so things aren't going like I thought they would. Perhaps I will get an awesome bday gift next month?? :) We shall see!

Comment: That's exciting. Have you been taking prenatals?
Sometimes they say if a person relaxes it will happen. :)
Same with having sex every other day or every two days.
But every book and website about conceiving...has their own idea about the baby ...making process.
I hope this month is the month that it happens for you too. Good luck

Friend: I take a multi-vitamin daily (usually). I've received a lot (thanks Terri) of helpful tips to conceive. lol I figure, it happend once, it'll happen again. Also, the longer it takes, the more time I'll have for maternity leave! :)

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  1. I don't understand why someone would even post that information on FB.

  2. ahhhhh to be so naive again...

  3. Actually she's only been trying for TWO months. Lucky her! Three months would've been devastating! Two months trying isn't so bad, but three?? What a nightmare.

  4. okay, can I slap of these hoes?!!! I think if I saw this, I would have to break my silence right then and there. "2 months off the pill, REALLY??? I've been off the pill for 2 YEARS, you have NO idea just how badly things don't go 'how you want them to' for some people. So get OVER it!!!!"

  5. I hope this doesn't piss anyone off because I know this is the place where infertiles get to vent about stupid fertiles, but... We all started some where. We all struggled every month that we didn't get pregnant. How long does another person struggling to get pregnant have to struggle before they're one of us?

  6. I'm actually not too offended by this. She doesn't sound like she's freaking out, calling herself infertile, or anything. The only thing she's guilty of is oversharing on FB. It's ok and normal to be dissappointed those first few months. I remember I was. And her friend's advice is actually good advice for anyone TTC less than 6 mo-a year who already has a child. But I do understand why this hurts.

  7. How effing annoying.... Boo hoo, trying for a whole two months. I was told when I was a teen that I may never be able to have kids.

    Answer to above... You at least need to be trying for a year even to be considered medically infertile. Not because you are impatient.

    And there is a HUGE difference getting pregnant after a few months when you are healthy, than a few months having to spend thousands to get pregnant
    IF you are even that lucky.

    I want to punch them.

  8. Lindsey, the thing that really bothered me was the way she expressed it. "wish things always went how I wanted them to" . I find that when non-IF's have an easy time of their first child they complain if it doesn't work on the first month when they try for the 2nd. In this case its her 2nd child. She doesn't suspect any problems, she's just being impatient. It's still really really early. The pill can affect your cycles so she may have only ovulated once.

    So yeah, there's definitely a difference. I understand impatience b/c I had it too but I wouldn't complain about it on facebook.

    And Lex, she's definitely guilty of oversharing on FB.

  9. Cher-bear, I agree completely. I hate it when people whine that its taking so long because its taken a month or two and they just don't have a clue about cycles etc. I wish we didn't have to know all the info we know. I also completely agree on the overshare! Why do people write stuff like this on FB? I mostly asked the question "when do they become one of us?" because I've been struggling with that lately. I hear someones been trying only 6 months and scauf but I remember how sad I was at 6 months so I'm torn...

  10. There are two kinds of infertiles:

    Like me: I have known since puberty.

    Then others: who have no idea/sympotoms, but it takes them years to realize to go to the Doctor about it.

    Then their are fertiles that I don't feel sorry for because it only took them a few months.

  11. Not only is she complaining about not getting pregnant in 2 months (and WAY oversharing on FB), she already has a baby!!!!!!! That is one of my pet peeves, people who already have kids complaining about not getting to have another one - boo freaking hoo!!!! :X

  12. Ugh, I don't wish infertility on these people, per se, but I don't think it'd be too bad for them to at least have to see the RE for a cycle of Clomid. Get rid of some of that smug attitude.


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