Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just Relax

Found this article the other day about how being under stress makes
you more likely to have a successful IVF, I'm sure its BS but it made
me laugh.  The next time a fertile trys to tell me to "just relax" I'm
going to tell them to "just shove it" and read this article.

Submitted by Lindsay


  1. These articles and "research" papers are utter rubbish. Recently there was another study result published in the UK claiming that stress had NO outcome on IVF pregnancy rates. I think we all just need to ignore the media because reading about just adds to the stress!

  2. Well, it is an interesting concept. I think like the article suggests, it just shows there is a more complex relationship between reproduction and stress. It was a well-controlled survey really, but even having people rate their stress from 1-10 you could get a subjective rating. When I have patients rate their mood from 1-10, I expect a stable, regular mood to be around 6-7...most clients feel that halfway would naturally be best. If I say that 7 is more of the ideal mood, they usually raise/lower their rating. So it still could be subjective. But it could instigate a more thorough study to be conducted. *shrugs*

  3. The idea of rating stress based on a survey asking you to rate from 1 to 10 seems quite unscientific. Of course every woman going through an IVF cycle is stressed- stress about medications, stressed about the outcome, stress about the money!
    But at least we can now quote this study when someones asks us to "just relax" :)


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