Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Specific Birthday

Some of this article is meh because it talks about how to boost fertility, but most of it just pisses me off that people are physically trying to have a child on a specific date. Lucky fucking bitches if they're able to actually accomplish their goal. I'd just like to have a child. Any day of the year. Doesn't matter.

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  1. We have a friend who purposely timed her pregnancies (twice) so that her maternity leave would include Thanksgiving and Christmas. Oh, and she was also able to conceive on her first month trying each time.

    I have many friends who are teachers and planned their pregnancies so that they would deliver in the summer and avoid missing work.

    Yeah, people who are fertile can plan these things. What a concept, right? ;-)

  2. I'm with you. I'll take any day by now, and ether sex.

  3. It's the teachers who seem to do this most often. I have known some people who are looking for a certain time of year and will wait almost another year to try again just to get the date they missed which I think is crazy.

    And having my most recent son born at 29&6 proves the point that there are no guarantees in fertility or pregnancy.

    I'm also tired of having to login as random things because blogger is messing up logging in to comment, but that's my own personal rant.

  4. Oh, I absolutely hate reading about women being able to plan the date they're going to have their baby.
    Oh to have that luxery..... to be that fertile... sigh.

  5. I have a friend who will be TTC soon and has been discussing with me maternity leave and such as she's trying to plan when to have her baby to make maximum use of her leave. I laughed.

    I wanted anything BUT a December baby. I had everything planned "well, if we try now, we'll have the baby in this month and then I can take leave for this long, blah blah blah." After 9 months of fertility treatments, guess what I ended up with? A December baby with an even COOLER b-day than 11-11-11. It's 12-11-10. LOL! And my maternity leave worked out AWESOME as I took 12 weeks and then DH took 12 and it got us to the end of the school year. Now LO won't be starting daycare til she's 9 months. Out best laid plans blew up in our face and we ended up with something even better by pure luck.


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